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Zack Bellman


Scientist & educator

Zack Bellman’s academic background is in Neuroscience (BSc 2.1.) from the University of Sussex and a Masters of Research in Drug Sciences (MRes Distinction specialising in Pharmaceutical Biology & Ethnopharmacy of Cannabis) from the University College London School of Pharmacy.


As someone who is passionate about science communication and presenting the wonders of science to the public, he has presented at various events such as ‘Breaking Convention: The Multidisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Science’ (2015), ‘UCL School of Pharmacy Annual Spices and Medicine Symposium’ (2017) and the ‘International Cannabinoid Research Society Conference’ (2018) about medical plants and scientific research on herbal medicine. When all is said and done Zack believes it’s important to include the wider-public in science and not just niche audiences at scientific conferences and so frequently presents talks at shops, bars, pubs and cannabis clubs across the UK. Glassleaf was created to encompass these activities and further aid the communication of cutting-edge science.