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Science. Art and... Cannabis. A call-out for artists


What do the conversations look like, when a neuropharmacologist, a philosopher-socio-cultural anthropologist, and a saxophonist, find themselves talking about the science and the ethics of medicinal cannabis? Let’s find out.


Cutting across disciplines, forms of communication, and means of collaboration, have become recognised to be of the most in-depth and meaningful forms of engagement.


Science and art may both be described as attempts at understanding and describing the world around us, and both scientists and artists constantly strive to see the world in new ways. There is no shortage of examples of great artists and/or scientists whose innovations and inspirations have echoed across the ages; Leonardo De Vinci, or more recently, perhaps, we think Brian Cox and Symphony of Science.


Beyond the basics of communication, science truly expressed can touch both the mind and the heart; it can move us – creating inspirations, new ideas, and even new perspectives. And for a conversation on cannabis, right here, right now – in the rapidly changing landscape of post-prohibition and pre-reform happening across the world stage, new perspectives on the many ranging topics are vital.


CANNTalks is a multidisciplinary platform for this discussion, delivered through live conferences and beamed expansively across the globe via invisible waves on the interweb. In 2018, forming partnerships with The University of the Arts, London, and with Professor David Nutt’s Drug Science as scientific co-curators – as well as with University College, London, Research Fellow Dr Chandni Hindocha – were the beginning steps on this expansive path.


This is a call out for artists to join us, and to help shape this journey as you see it. Get involved, and add your voice to the complex and the otherwise unimaginable. Help us to explore the unexplored through vision and the ideas expressed – help us to understand the world around us better, and to share that with the larger world too. Artists, creatives, philosophers, poets, and all with an expressive mission… We. Need. You.


Partnerships with individuals, galleries, and institutions are all, also, very welcome.


CANNTalks is also calling out to scientists, doctors, patients, and to any other person interested in this change, to join these conferences this summer – and to take part in shaping the culture that is yet to become, as we transition into a prohibition-less world.


CANNTalks’s two-part pilot conference at The Old Divinity School, St. John’s College, Cambridge, will be our test forum to bring together the multidisciplinary frameworks needed to communicate these complex and multi-dimensional topics.


Join us here. We welcome you:


@CANN_Talks / #canntalks /




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