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Caroline Sharp



Caroline is a film-maker based in London whose current project is a feature-length documentary,  Separating the Strains, which she has produced and directed. Featuring two sisters with two forms of epilepsy and their fight to gain access to medical cannabis to treat their illness, this film aims with a dedication to de-stigmatise epilepsy and the use of medical cannabis as a treatment option for a wide range of conditions. For the last 2 years, as she prepared for and created this film, Caroline has been researching and working amongst the international medical cannabis sector.


Caroline holds an MSc in Neuroscience from UCL and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Bristol. Her scientific focus has been on broader theoretical approaches to the mind, the brain and perception using her background to inform both her storytelling and her outreach and advocacy work. The scope of her educational pursuits and particular perspective has given her a unique vantage point from which to analyse the various philosophical, political and scientific challenges facing current international drug policy and reform. Caroline is determined to make it her mission to change the perceptions around the medical use of cannabis derivatives, the challenging international legalities around that issue and to stimulate people to think constructively about the ‘big questions’ surrounding modern healthcare and patient rights.